Our Approach

Recruitment for the Urban Education Project Pre-Apprenticeship Program is currently underway. Admission efforts are ongoing. FY22 pre-apprenticeship candidates will be approved for placement into the program on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Professional Teachers

As each cycle meets maximum capacity, which will accept up to 15 students for each cycle for FY22, only applicants that fulfill all admission requirements will be waitlisted and placed on the roster for each subsequent cycle.

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Education Program

UEP’s instructional staff have over 66 years of combined teaching experience working with young adults. We have the professional staff and volunteers committed to providing high levels of expertise and knowledge of job development and career education coaching…

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Modular Orientation

There are 3 Modules which consist of 12 weeks of training. Each week prepares participants starting with various levels beginning with orientation, than defining one’s path, exploring careers through college or job placement and so on.

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Each module is the individual orientation self-contained segments of program, designed to perform a particular task to enhance each participant’s state for future growth.

Our Team

UEP’s instructional staff have over 66 years of combined teaching experience working with young adults.

Gary Patnosh

Managing Director

Gary Patnosh is the managing director at the Jersey Explorer Children's Museum in East Orange where students...

Prof. Jonathan

Chief Engineer

Professor Jonathan is a mechanical engineer and the first engineer to be awarded the Research...

Prof. Soms

Economics Professor

Erica Sims is a professor of economics at LACU, where she has taught since 2009....

Our Weekly Classes

Defining Your Pathways – Career Interest Inventory & Individual Advisement Exploring Selected Pre-Apprenticeships & Careers Clusters


I must say, the team really assisted me and worked with my shortcomings to bring out the best in me. I am beyond thankful to have been given this opportunity and look forward to making the most of this. Thanks UEP!

Jackson Lee -

Math Teacher

Finally, a team with a program and a plan of action. From day 1 I was engage by the opening orientation. Glad to see this in full effect. I highly recommend not missing a day and I’ll definitely keep in touch with the UEP team.

Robert White -


Our Products

UEP creates Pathways supplying students with important Career Interest Inventory & Individual Advisement to become the Best of the Best.

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Our discussion and informational Urban Educational Program published here for you consisting of discrete, yet often informal diary-style subjects.